{:tw}甜橙精油 10ml{:}{:en}Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml{:}


甜橙 Sweet Orange

拉丁名:Citrus sinensis{:}{:en}Volumn: 10ml
Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis{:}

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降低血壓 | 收斂劑 | 消化 | 利尿劑 | 祛痰藥


鎮靜 | 降低焦慮 | 憤怒和壓力


  • 擴香以作改善空間的氛圍,提升愉悅及活力。
  • 為其他精油混合後,提升愉悅氣味。


可能會引起肌膚過敏。使用後 12 小時內請遠離陽光或紫外線照射。

{:tw}甜橙精油 10ml{:}{:en}Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml{:}{:}{:en}The sweet orange essential oil extracted by cold pressing from the peel is one of the essential oils popular among beginners because of its happy, energetic, and refreshing scent. It can also enhance any essential oil blended with it.

The high concentration of monoterpenes has purifying properties and is suitable for maintaining the functioning of the immune system. Diffuse wild tangerine essential oil purifies the air while bringing vitality and boosting the body and mind.

Physical benefits

Lower blood pressure | astringent | digestion | diuretic | expectorant

Emotional usage

Calm | Reduce anxiety | Anger and stress

Suggested usage
Diffuse the fragrance to improve the atmosphere of the space, enhance pleasure and vitality.
After mixing with other essential oils, it enhances the pleasant scent.


May cause skin allergies. Please keep away from sunlight or ultraviolet rays within 12 hours after use.

{:tw}甜橙精油 10ml{:}{:en}Sweet Orange Essential Oil 10ml{:}{:}



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