SingSing Rabbit 公主系列 3支 化妝掃套裝



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Our “Princess Collection” 3 Brush set is suitable for all those who need a comprehensive and functional brush set. The 3 Brush set contains of the Oval Brush 5 which perfectly facilitate application to the eyelid, apply concealer, blend bronzing or highlighting powders to areas around the eyes and nose. It also contains of the Linear Brush 1 which could be used to apply a meticulous line with makeup products along the lashes or to define the brows. Last but not least, the Round Brush 2 which is designed with a flattened surface that gives you an easy and quick application for eye shadow, concealer or lip color.

The 3 Brush set brushes are made with high quality, soft and smooth synthetic hair which provides great comfort when applying cosmetics or makeup products. The rose gold coating with snowy white handle design looks enchanting like a princess. Let’s experience the magic of this SingSing Rabbit Princess Brush Collection 3 Brush set which definitely satisfies you with multiple functions.

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