Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝


– Detoxifying & Brightening Cleanser
– Idealist Aqua Essence-in -Lotion Advanced (for Oil & Combination / Dry skin)
– Prestige Miracle All-in-one Spray
– Advanced Perfectionist Serum

Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝


Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝
Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝

Detoxifying & Brightening Cleanser

Transform every facet of your complexion with Nini Paganini’s foam cleanser from its detoxifies skincare range. For those looking to brighten up and purify skin, this gel cleanser rids of daily build-up and external impurities, giving way to cleaner and more velvety-soft skin with a gel formula that transforms into a micro-foam texture upon contact with skin. Natural radiance is revealed and makeup residue is completely removed to refresh skin.


Apply this cleaning foam for your face twice a day in the morning and/or evening to a damp face massage. Massage in with finger tips with light circular movements and rinse with water. Spray Prestige Miracle All-in-One Spray after cleaning. In Winter, better to use Idealist Aqua Essence & Advanced Perfectionist Serum for your skin.

Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝

Idealist Aqua Essence-in -Lotion Advanced (for Oil & Combination / Dry skin) 高效水漾活肌乳液(油性及混合性皮膚/乾性皮膚)

Start off your day with this Idealist Aqua Essence, working like a protective film, this one initiates a dynamic, long-lasting moisturizing process that will protect and invigorate your skin.

After cleansing and Spray toning, smooth a small amount over your face with a gentle patting motion ; massage for several seconds until completely absorbed.


使用方法: 潔面後,噴上爽膚水,輕輕拍打臉部,使用適量水凝保濕全效乳液(適用油性及混合性肌膚)按摩幾秒鐘直到完全吸收。

Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝

Prestige Miracle All-in-one Spray 多效合一 青春定格噴霧

Prestige Miracle All – in – One Spray combines a variety of ingredients, that stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin, improving the skin’s moisture content and increasing skin density while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Strengthen your skin’s foundation with this Prestige Miracle All-in-One Spray, enriched with “betaine”, this one will penetrate the skin’s surface to impart a youthful glow.

Direction 1: Apply on a clean face, spray Prestige Miracle All-in-One Spray onto face and neck, keeping the spray nozzle at a distance about 4” (12cm) from skin. Allow Spray to absorb naturally into skin. Spray twice a day in the morning and evening.

Direction 2: Apply on the skin during the day work time . It can instantly refreshing and re-energizing your skin, and lock up the collagen. The Secret of Youth.





Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝

Advanced Perfectionist Serum 水凝保濕全效精華

Illuminate your skin with Advanced Perfectionist Serum, providing intense hydration, is a dependable wrinkle defense as it pumps skin to visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Creating a smoother and more youthful complexion with renewed radiance, this brilliance brightening serum boast specially concocted by Nini by Paganini that purifies cellular serum to improve circulation. Lightweight and fast absorbing

Apply the serum onto the face and neck twice a day in the morning and evening. Ideal after the toner and as a base for make-up.

使用方法: 作為基礎護理程序,在爽膚水後每天早晚兩次將本品塗抹於面部及頸部。


nini by Paganini

We make your destination with the violin a way of exploring your journey with ultimate bliss. Make life one big adventure. Nini by Paganini offers a collection of quality designed lines with attention to function and breakthrough vision for the modern youngster! Live your life mindfully in each moment. Enjoy the happiness that comes from simplicity.
Nini by Paganini 雪絨花美肌套裝
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