TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal TB-1755


  • IPL TECHNOLOGY (Intense Pulsed Light): deactivates the hair follicle under the skin to prevent hair growth. It is clinically proven that IPL hair removal is safe, effective and much less painful than laser hair removal at a dermatologist.
  • Multi-site Use: Semi-Permanent IPL hair removal on legs, arms, armpits, bikini area and face for both women and men with light to dark skin.
  • 300,000 Flashes and Safe: This IPL hair removal device can be easily operated at home provides 300,000 flashes and it can be used for more than 10 years
  • 5 Pulse Levels Adjustment: TOUCHBeauty IPL hair removal device has five intensity levels, adapts to different skin(Dark brown skin or white hair AVOIDE).
  • IPL Laser Protection Glasses Included: IPL hair removal glasses can provide protection in multi beauty treatment projects involving skin rejuvenation, hair-removal and whitening etc.Customer satisfaction guarantee: Lifetime warranty supported.
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TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal TB-1755



TOUCHBeauty was established in UK since 1999 and exports in over 60 countries and regions.

Since the first year of establishment, TOUCHBeauty was focusing on home-use beauty devices!

IPL hair removal

First-time Use And Skin Test

Select the area you want to treat, choose the flash light intensity according to your skin tone and hair color (refer to the recommended flash light intensity table below). If the appliance does not provide any discomfort (or pain), increase one intensity level at a time within the recommended range for your skin tone and hair color until you reach a comfortable intensity (do not use the appliance flash light exactly in the same location repeatedly).

After you perform the skin test, wait 24 hours to check if the skin has any reaction. If your skin reacted to the flashes, choose the highest flash light that didn’t cause any reaction to your skin.

When using the appliance for the first time, it is recommended to do the skin test on the arm, always check the area for any skin reaction.

Operating Instructions: Note: If before using the appliance you removed hairs by using a long-lasting removing method, such as plucking, waxing, etc., wait until hairs start growing again to use the appliance.

How to Use the IPL Hair Removal

ipl hair removal

ipl hair removal

ipl hair removal

1) Before you start using the appliance, use a razor or trimmer to shave all hairs on the surface of the skin (do not pluck or use chemical hair removal products), completely dry the skin and remove any oily substances (such as body fragrance, lotion, perfume, sunscreen, and other cosmetics).

2) Remove the IPL Hair Removal Device from the packaging and connect it to the adaptor. Long press the Power Button, after a sound the appliance turns on and the intensity lights flash alternately.

3) Select the appropriate flash light intensity for your skin tone and hair color (for first-time users, use the lowest light intensity recommended and adjust it gradually). Place the appliance in the area you want to treat and ensure the Skin Contact Sensor is fully in contact with the skin.

4) After you place the appliance Skin Contact Sensor on your skin, wait for 1-4 secs. When the Flash Ready Light turns green, press the Flash Button to release the flash light. You will feel a slight burning sensation (flash light energy being absorbed). If you want to reduce the burning sensation, adjust the intensity flash light.

5) The appliance Skin Tone Sensor automatically detects skin tone for your protection. If your skin tone is not in the range suitable for treatment, the appliance does not emit the flash light. At this moment, you can reduce the flash light intensity and follow above steps to use the appliance.

ipl hair removal

Body Parts to Use the Hair Removal

37 Mins for whole body hair removal

1)7 mins for the chest

2)2 min for the Armpits

3)4 mins for the Bikini area

4)16 mins for the Arms and legs

5) 8 mins for the Back

Using Period

According to hair growth cycle, it is recommended to use the IPL Hair Removal Device once every two weeks for the first 3-4 times and gradually reduce the use according to hairs condition.

After treatment care

· After using the appliance, do not apply any fragrant skin care or cosmetic product on your skin.

· Do not use deodorant immediately after using the appliance on the armpits. Wait until the skin redness completely disappears to start using deodorant.

· After each treatment, make sure your skin doesn’t show any signs of redness after 24 hours.

· Keep the treated area covered and away from direct sunlight two weeks after the treatment or use a sunscreen (SPF 30+) on the treated area.

Recommended Fash Light Intensity Table

ipl hair removal


Darker skin tones absorb more light, easily causing skin irritation. For persons with dark skin tones is recommended to use a lower flash intensity light.

Please refer to Table 1 to determine the appropriate flash light intensity for your skin tone and hair color, or whether the appliance is suitable to use on your skin.

Different skin tones and hair color should use different flash light intensities.

The higher is the flash light intensity, the results are more effective. If during the treatment you feel any pain or discomfort, reduce the flash light intensity.

ipl hair removal

Cleaning & Maintenance

1) Turn off the appliance and unplug the power adaptor from the power source before you start cleaning it.

2) Do not immerse the appliance in water. Clean the appliance surface with a dry cloth or a cloth slightly moistened with water.

3) Do not use alcohol, steel wool, abrasive cleaners or corrosive liquids to clean the appliance, doing so may result in its malfunction or discoloration.

4) Do not use any lubricants, detergents, polishing agents or air fresheners on this appliance.

5) After each use, use a medical disinfectant to wipe the surface of the Light Exit Window Filter, keep this area clean.



TOUCHBeauty IPL Hair Removal TB-1755
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