What is the difference between salicylic acid and fruit acid?

Acid products are a familiar face in the care and beauty industry for a long time. This time we will introduce salicylic acid, also known as skin softening acid. Salicylic acid has a good exfoliating and pore-purifying function, which will attract beauty lovers. , But what is the principle of exfoliating salicylic acid? What is the difference with fruit acid? Take you to learn about the effects of salicylic acid, its side effects and how to use it, and become a maintenance expert who knows how to use it.

What is salicylic acid? Understand the mechanism of action of salicylic acid

What is salicylic acid?

Salicylic acid (English: β -hydroxy acid, BHA), also known as salicylic acid, is commonly found in plants. It is an organic acid and is a fat-soluble component, so it is insoluble in water. Because it has good exfoliating and pore purifying functions, it is widely used in cosmetics.

What is the mechanism of action of salicylic acid to exfoliate?

Salicylic acid has the effect of promoting keratin metabolism. Its principle of action is to dissolve the substances between the keratins and make the stratum corneum fall off. Therefore, it can remove the excessively thick stratum corneum and make the skin smooth and delicate.

What are the effects of salicylic acid? Improve dullness and prevent acne formation

Metabolizes dull and old dead skin cells to brighten skin


Salicylic acid can soften the old dead skin layer of the skin. When the rough and dull stratum corneum falls off, the skin surface will become brighter and whiter. Therefore, the use of salicylic acid skin care products will improve the dullness effect.

Purify pores, prevent acne and acne formation

Because of its acidic and fat-soluble properties, salicylic acid can penetrate deep into the skin, purify clogged pores, prevent the growth of acne and acne, strengthen the skin’s defenses, and return the skin to its fineness and luster.

Salicylic acid side effects|What should I pay attention to when using salicylic acid?

Removal of old dead skin cells is the main function of salicylic acid. Excessive use will cause the normal stratum corneum to be eroded and reduce the skin’s defenses, which will cause skin sensitivity and skin problems. Therefore, the concentration of salicylic acid should not be too high , After use, moisturizing is needed to prevent the skin from glowing red.

What is the difference between salicylic acid and fruit acid?

Skin care products added with fruit acid and salicylic acid have the effect of solving skin keratin problems. Therefore, many people often don’t know the difference between the two. What is the difference between salicylic acid and fruit acid?

Both salicylic acid and fruit acid are organic acids, but their molecular weight and hydrophilicity are different, and their effects are also different. Through the analysis in the table below, we can more clearly understand the difference between the two.

ProductsSalicylic acid (BHA)AHA(AHA)
Structural featuresFat solubleWater-soluble
Affect the skin areaThe molecular weight is large, so it acts on the skin surfaceThe molecular weight is small so it can penetrate deep into the dermis
Function descriptionRemove old cuticles and purify poresSoften and remove old dead skin cells

How to choose salicylic acid products? Introduction to the use of salicylic acid


Commonly sold salicylic acid products in the market include facial cleansers, ointments and maintenance essences, etc. How do you choose the products that suit you?

Salicylic acid skin care products: less irritation to the skin, pay attention to the concentration when using it

Using salicylic acid skin care products is less irritating to the skin, because The Food and Drug Administration has stipulated that the concentration of salicylic acid in general cosmetics and skin care products is limited to less than 0.2%. The concentration has been regulated by the government. There is no need to worry about excessive concentration and harm the skin. After salicylic acid exfoliates the cutin, you need to use moisturizing skin care products to give the skin moisture in time and protect the cuticle.

Which salicylic acid products have anti-acne effects?

The concentration of salicylic acid is in the range of 0.2%~2%. It is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as “medicated cosmetics”. Only salicylic acid in this concentration range can claim that the product has anti-acne effects.

No matter which product is used, the main effect of salicylic acid is to metabolize old dead skin cells, and skin that metabolizes old dead skin cells is more susceptible to UV radiation. It is recommended to strengthen sunscreen after use, or use it at night to avoid redness due to sun exposure.


Recommend salicylic acid skin care products, leave it to the skin care authority

Using scientific maintenance methods, we are committed to developing “simple and effective” skin care products, BFFECT to make your skin healthy As the first principle, do not add alcohol, fragrances and other chemicals to do your best for your skin. 10% fruit acid + 0.5% salicylic acid derivative essence special Added dual-effect ingredients of fruit acid and salicylic acid derivatives (Capryloyl Salicylic Acid). It uses a substance superior to traditional salicylic acid to effectively fight acne and acne in a gentler way. Its good lipophilic properties accelerate the purification of pores. In addition, the use of composite fruit acids and the fusion of fruit acids with different molecular weights can meet the different needs of the skin, not only diminish the dullness caused by acne, but also accelerate the recovery of bright and shiny skin, and regain your bright confidence.

10% fruit acid + 0.5% salicylic acid derivative 30ml10% fruit acid + 0.5% salicylic acid derivative essence</ a> Ingredients:

  • AHA compound fruit acid 10%
    Compound fruit acids (glycolic acid + lactic acid + citric acid) metabolize the dead skin cells, make the skin softer, brighter, and restore skin elasticity.
  • Capryloyl Salicylic Acid (LHA) 0.5%
    Purify pores, improve dullness, and make skin soft and elastic.
  • Photosensitive element 201
    Statutory anti-acne ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration to improve acne problems and condition acne-prone skin.

Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin or acne-prone skin, BFFECT will carefully research and develop the most suitable facial skin for you The skin care products use low-allergic formula ingredients to reduce skin discomfort, and together they can help you develop healthy and perfect skin.


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